M&H Tires 185/50r18 (CTS-V3)

M&H Tires


You ready to get that CTS V 60 footing harder?  It's time to drop some weight and hook this super sedan!  WEAPON-X has followed up our work on figuring out the 18/17" drag setups on the 09-15 CTS Vs, by outfitting the first gen 3 CTS V as well.   

You can do a set of 18" skinnies up front with one of our signature setups!  You'll lose over 30lbs of rotating mass with the 18" fronts with skinnies.  With the proper wheel setup through WEAPON-X, these wheels fit without any modification to the calipers or suspension. 

This 185 M&H drag radial fits well on that rim.  Rims sold separately.CTS V's have already been low 1.4Xs on our drag pack.  

Also, the proper 17" rim fits without modification on your 2016+ CTS V.   Checkout our full line! 

Radial Tire DOT Certified, Tubeless

  • Tread Width: 5.0"
  • Section Width: 6.5"
  • Diameter: 26.0"
  • Circumference: 81.7"
  • Rim Size: 5.0"
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