WXM Cooling package (CTS-V3)

WEAPON-X Motorsports


Keep your CTS-V cool on the street or track with this Weapon-X cooling package!  Unless you're new to the Cadillac Racing game, you already know that the WEAPON-X is the most highly regarded name in the business for performance and cooling products.  So, of course we'd be on the forefront of the V3 market!  

Any of you guys who have had the V3 on the dyno are aware that the manifold temp sky rockets when making a pull and after.  Pull 1 is in the 130s, we wait and wait and wait, then do Pull 2 which will be down 20hp, and then Pull 3 into the 180s and down another 20hp.  To address the heat, you'll want to do two things, more capacity to reduce overall temps and add a better heat exchanger system to cool the fluid faster.  This product addresses the first part by increasing the system capacity by 400%!  The Trunk Cooler System gets that recovery time down to minutes instead of hours between pulls with the added capacity and ability to ice down the system.  

Cooling Kit includes:

  1. Triple X Cooler Kit
  2. Stealth Trunk Tank Kit
  3. 160* Thermostat
CTS V3 Triple X Cooler Kit info: 

Whether you're running stock boost on the supercharged CTS-V or an upgraded pulley kit, you're already aware of the performance killing heat this engine puts out. The more dense the intake charge, the more HP your car will make. When dealing with Centrifugal, Roots, or Twin Screw Superchargers, there's always the issue of intake temps as heat is a byproduct of compression. When running the car hard, you're making a lot of heat that quickly heat soaks the fluid running through the supercharger trying to keep it cool. Heat results in a loss in power as well as the possibility of damage to the engine. Timing lost due to heat above 140* Intake Air Temp sensor 2 can easily rob even a stock CTS-V of 25-50+HP on a heat soaked motor. One way to help reduce these intake temps and the risk of damage is to add a more efficient heat exchanger to the system that holds more fluid in the exchange area with more rows/fins per square inch which in turn helps lower intake temps by dissipating heat. This will allow the supercharger to be more efficient while in boost and cool down faster after high boost runs. Made in USA!

160 Degree Thermostat
Looking to help your CTS-V run cooler? Add a lower temp t stat that will allow your motor to run cooler. No more need for a costly billet housing, the direct replacement thermostat is here!

WXM Trunk Cooler Features:
  • Approximately 6 gallons of extra fluid
  • High flow pump to put in series with the factory pump for added flow
  • Mounts under the hatch floor for a stealth look and you don't lose any trunk space
  • Leaves space above the tank to mount other components like a methanol pump
  • Large opening to load with ice at the track
  • Drain valve that mounts under the car for easy purging to re-ice at the track
  • All lines and fittings needed for an easy install

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